The 10 Best Rachel Episodes in ‘Friends,’ Ranked

The character of Rachel Green launched Aniston to stardom with the role, even popularizing her iconic hairstyle and outfits. Often

overlooked for her comedic potential compared to characters like Phoebe and Chandler, Rachel is nevertheless hilarious. She is characterized

by her sarcastic wit, her materialism, and her charmingly ditzy personality; her on-and-off-again relationship with Ross is arguably the

series’ most famous storyline. With 10 seasons of great episodes to choose from, here are Rachel’s best.

While some sitcoms can take a little while to find their groove, the Friends pilot immediately introduces the series with good jokes, strong characterization and by establishing all the series’ key locations. Although the episode is the audience’s first introduction to each character, Rachel attracts particular focus. Jilting her fiancé Barry on the morning of their wedding, Rachel decides to reconnect with her high school friend Monica and attempts to build a new life for herself outside the pursuit of wealth and comfort.

In “The One With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding,” Rachel serves as the maid-of-honor at her ex-fiance’s wedding and is forced to wear a hideous bright pink gown which she likens to a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. To make matters even worse, she accidentally walks down the aisle with her dress tucked into her underwear and Barry continues to attempt to humiliate her further at the reception. The whole episode serves as a build-up to Rachel’s inevitable breaking point, refusing to simply accept her role as the wedding’s punching-bag.

Rachel takes to the stage during the speeches to correct slanderous rumors about her and Barry’s initial separation. After getting in a great dig about promising herself she’d “make it through at least one” of Barry’s weddings, she sings a duet of Copacabana with Ross, rectifying another embarrassing moment at a school talent show as a child. Watching Rachel stand up for herself is deliciously satisfying and cements the episode as one of her best.