The Morning Show: Jennifer Aniston Makes a Special ‘Request’ for Jon Hamm — and He’s into It! (Exclusive)

“I have a request,” Alex says to Paul when he enters her dressing room.

“You want to meet my favorite oligarch?” Paul replies.

After Alex says that she does not, in fact, want to do that, she presents Paul with her query.

“I’d like to interview you,” Alex says. “I’d love you on my show. I know, I know you don’t do interviews. I know. But people are skeptical. I think it’s a legitimate concern for the shareholders, and this would be a beautiful opportunity to tuck them in and show them why they should support this deal. I also think it would be a great opportunity for you.”

To Alex’s surprise, Paul agrees.

“Happy to do that,” he says, adding, “So, no questions in advance, that kind of thing? That’s how your show works, right?”

Alex confirms that Paul won’t receive a list of interview questions ahead of the sit-down and assumes he’ll take issue with that. But Paul surprises her yet again.

“How’s Thursday?” he asks.

Alex can’t believe how soon the tech mogul wants to do the interview, and Paul explains that he has a trip to Texas coming up the following week so the sooner, the better.

In last week’s episode, we learned that Paul and UBA News Division President Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) met out in the Hamptons, where Cory recently purchased a home.