The Story Behind How Jennifer’s Body Went From Being A Box Office Flop To A Megan Fox Classic

Over the last decade plus, Jennifer’s Body has built a major cult following. However, in 2009, it was considered a major flop. It only made a

humble 16 million on a 32 million budget, critics had mixed reactions to it, and it became a joke before it was even given a chance. By

Hollywood standards, it bombed in every way. This makes its resurgence and new appreciation a sweet treat for the cast and crew. Megan Fox, Diablo Cody, and Karyn Kusama are finally receiving the praise they deserve.

Not every great film finds its audience during its initial release. Sometimes it’s criminally misunderstood by critics and the target audience. Jennifer’s Body isn’t the first cult classic to become popular after its initial release, but the film offers an interesting look at what happens when the studio wants the film to appeal to the wrong audience and doesn’t understand the film’s purpose. Its new cult status is vindication for Cody, Fox, and Kusama.

They tried to create a smart feminist movie for girls, but the studio wouldn’t listen.