Uber Eats reunites Friends’ Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in star-studded Super Bowl ad

After generating excitement with its Super Bowl teaser featuring former football player David and his wife Victoria Beckham, Uber Eats has

unveiled its full Big Game ad titled Don’t Forget Uber Eats. The commercial also stars TV show Friends’ actors Jennifer Aniston and David

Schwimmer, American singer and songwriter Usher, and American rapper Jelly Roll. The ad was created by the creative agency Special US.

The video opens with Aniston receiving flowers from a production assistant, Aniston being handed flowers by a production assistant, sparking a conversation about the unexpected variety of items offered on Uber Eats.

“Yeah well you know what they say in order to remember something, you have got to forget something else. Make a little room,” says Aniston taking her Uber Eats parcel.

The scene then cuts to Schwimmer, who is astonished to see Aniston on the same set. “Jen! Hey!” he says with a smile. As he approaches to hug her, Aniston hesitates and Schwimmer almost bumps into the flowers in her Uber Eats bag.

“Have we met? Give me a hint,” she asks Schwimmer.

Bewildered, Schwimmer says, “Well, we worked together for ten years.”

“Ten years? You were great,” she responds, faking to remember him.

Accepting her forgetfulness, Schwimmer says, “You still don’t know, do you?” Aniston admits he is right. As she walks away with her bag of flowers and other stuff, she takes a jibe and says, “Like I’d forget ten years of my life.” As he stares off at Aniston leaving, Schwimmer says, “I hate this town.”

The ad also includes celebrities forgetting simple things. David Beckham asks his wife, “Remember when you used to be a Pepper Lady?” (Victoria Beckham was the lead vocalist of girl band Spice Girls).

To this, Victoria wonders, “Wasn’t it the Cinammon Sisters?”

“Basil Babes?” replies David.

Victoria again guesses, “Paprika Girls?”

“That’s absurd,” David finally concludes.

Victoria is spotted wearing a T-shirt labelled “David’s wife”, indicating she is overlooking her recognition from her girl band days.

Jelly Roll, whose face is doodled with numerous facial tattoos, momentarily forgets about them and gazes into the mirror in horror, exclaiming, “Did someone doodle on my face?” He then panics, shouting “It’s not coming off!”

The advertisement concludes with Uber Eats’ message “Whatever you forget, remember Uber Eats gets groceries, alcohol, flowers, and anything.”

In the closing scene, Usher enjoys food from the delivery platform, remarking, “I hope I get to play a halftime show someday man,” clearly forgetting that he just finished his performance as the Super Bowl halftime show headliner.

Last week, a teaser for the ad was unveiled, showcasing David and Victoria Beckham humorously reenacting a scene from their documentary series “Beckham,” where David amusingly disputes Victoria’s assertion of having a ‘working class’ upbringing.