Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial 2024: Jennifer Aniston Forgets David Schwimmer, More Celebs Become Forgetful Too!

Uber Eats’ 2024 Super Bowl commercial might be one of the most talked about of the 2024 Super Bowl based on how many celeb

cameos there are!

We’re breaking down the hilarious commercial here!

The big game advertisement features Jennifer Aniston reuniting with Friends co-star David SchwimmerDavid and Victoria BeckhamJelly Roll, and Usher.

The commercial is all about being forgetful, and these stars all seem to be forgetting quite a bit. Jennifer totally forgets who David is, Victoria can’t remember the name of the Spice GirlsJelly Roll thinks his face tattoos are fake, and Usher can’t remember he is performing in the halftime show.