Uber Eats Unveils Star-studded Ad Featuring Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer for Super Bowl LVIII

Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, the food delivery service Uber Eats has unveiled a new advertisement, reuniting renowned actors Jennifer

Aniston and David Schwimmer. The ad employs a humorous plot where Aniston appears to forget a significant part of her life, including her

decade-long co-star Schwimmer, to underscore the idea that Uber Eats delivers more than mere food. The commercial is set to air during the 2024 Super Bowl, where the Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers.

Iconic Reunion

The advertisement sees Schwimmer encountering Aniston on a Hollywood set, baffled when she doesn’t recognize him. This comical situation plays on their iconic on-screen relationship as Ross Geller and Rachel Green in the popular sitcom Friends, which garnered global attention from 1994 to 2004. The ad marks the first appearance of Aniston and Schwimmer together since the passing of their co-star Matthew Perry in October 2023.

Star-studded Feature

Besides Aniston and Schwimmer, the ad also features other celebrities, including Usher, Jelly Roll, and power couple David and Victoria Beckham. Each of them is shown hilariously forgetting crucial aspects of their lives, reinforcing the ad’s theme and injecting a dose of entertainment. Notably, the Beckhams are shown humorously neglecting the name of the Spice Girls, a renowned pop group that Victoria was a part of.

More Than Just Food

The Uber Eats ad’s central message is to remind viewers that the service provides more than just food delivery. It cleverly uses the theme of forgetfulness to highlight this, with Aniston’s character being so engrossed in remembering Uber Eats’ extended services that she forgets her long-time co-star. The ad, with its star-studded cast and nostalgic nods, is poised to create a buzz during the Super Bowl broadcast on CBS.