Valentino Re-Created Jennifer Aniston’s 2010 Golden Globes Dress For The Morning Show

The third season of The Morning Show has more drama than ever. The two central news anchors, played by Jennifer Aniston and Reese

Witherspoon, are navigating their high-stakes careers while the future of their network, UBA, is put into question. And while there are

romantic conflicts and private truths unearthed as well, it’s the high fashion in episode seven — airing on October 18 —that’s caught our attention.

The episode, titled “Strict Scrutiny,” features a special scene with outfits designed by Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli — including a special custom dress made for Aniston’s character, Alex Levy, based on the black Valentino gown that Aniston wore to the 2010 Golden Globes. In the episode, Alex is attending an opulent gala in support of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s scholarship program. As the event is hosted by Valentino, it was the perfect opportunity to have Aniston wear a design by the label. The idea to re-create her 2010 Golden Globes dress came from the actor herself. “Jennifer thought about the dress [Pierpaolo] had designed for her in 2010, and she loved that dress so much. She thought, ‘Why not just recreate that silhouette?’” says The Morning Show’s executive producer Kristin Hahn.

The revived design is a black, one-shoulder silk-cady dress, complete with a draped bodice and a lateral slit. While it’s almost a dead ringer for the original that Aniston wore to the Golden Globes, Piccioli says he had great fun reinventing the “iconic moment” for the present day, making small tweaks such as adding pleating at the bust and more ruching at the waistline. Even more fun for the designer, however, was making a cameo and being able to flex his acting chops. “I had fun on set – I loved the energy, the atmosphere,” says Piccioli. “Jennifer was an amazing host. She and the rest of the team were super supportive, and I felt really at ease.”