Viewers debate whether ‘Love is Blind’ contestant resembles Megan Fox

On “Love Is Blind,” contestants can’t see what their potential romantic partners look like. That’s sort of the point. Still, they often try to

describe their appearances for each other.

Chelsea Blackwell, a contestant from Season 6, tells Jimmy Presnell, one of her prospects, that she’s often told she looks like a notable celebrity: Megan Fox.

A flight attendant, Chelsea says she gets told “all the time” that she looks like the actor when on flights. “It’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes,” she says. “But I don’t see it, so don’t get excited.”

“I don’t even know if it’s (Machine Gun Kelly’s) wife or his fiancée,” she says, not mentioning Fox’s name, instead allowing Jimmy to fill in the blank. “You’re saying you look like Megan Fox?” Jimmy says, smiling. She continues, “It’s only because I have light eyes and dark hair.”

Jimmy seems excited about this comparison, asking, “Can we get married?” Fans, online, seemed to think this was a “deciding factor” for him.

When Jimmy and Chelsea eventually get engaged and he comes face-to-face with his fiancée, he doesn’t quite agree with her assessment. In fact, the episode title — “She Lied to Me” — is a direct quote of Jimmy’s.