What are those? Internet is obsessed with Jennifer Aniston’s new slimming compression trousers

When Jennifer Aniston advocates something in the beauty and grooming space, you want to sit up and listen because who doesn’t want to

look like that? This is exactly what happened when we saw pictures of Jen wearing these super adorable huge, bulky trousers that are

supposed to tone and slim you, with no side effects. Jennifer Aniston has been wearing these compression trousers that help support the lymphatic system of the body and thus keep you toned and slim. These trousers are Body Ballancer lymphatic drainage body suits that cost a bomb but are worth it if internet users are to be believed.

Medical grade quality (originally developed to treat lymphoedema and lipodema), users who have tried this state that it’s excellent for boosting lymphatic drainage, reducing water retention and aiding the body in eliminating toxins and waste. It’s cumbersome, of course, since it’s a large body suit which comes attached with wires that attach to a main operating console – but who cares? There are various programmes that you can enrol yourself in which will define the level of intensity you desire and then just lie down, wear them and wait for pockets of air to fill the suit and do their magic.