‘What Has She Done To Her Face?!’ For A-list Women Like Jennifer Aniston, There Is Simply No Right Way To Age

A minute-long advert to air during last weekend’s Super Bowl has brought a fresh round of speculation about Jennifer Aniston’s appearance –

specifically her face. The 54-year-old Friends actress appears alongside former co-star David Schwimmer in the Uber Eats commercial but it

is – predictably – her ageing process, not his, which has caused a stir amongst online commentators. One wrote, ‘Pity about her face, she lost all her cuteness. why cant they  just leave it  alone and age naturally..? [sic]’ Another added, ‘Honestly people. You look a lot better without getting anything done. Small things …okay fine. Even a nose job here or there, fine. But the fillers, botox, eye lifts, lip injections, chin implants etc etc . You just end up looking like a freak.’ One user even wrote, ‘Oh my god, what on earth has she done to her face????? She looks bloomin’ awful. Fancy paying to look that bad!  Surely it is better to have a naturally aging face than that [sic].’