What ‘Love Is Blind’ star Chelsea said to Megan Fox after controversial comparison

What happens in the “Love Is Blind” pods does not stay in the “Love Is Blind” pods.

That’s why Chelsea Blackwell slid into Megan Fox’s DMs after a comment she made about looking like the “Transformers” star during the sixth season of the show went viral, with some fans dragging her for the comparison and others arguing there is, in fact, a resemblance between the two.

“I reached out to Megan,” Blackwell exclusively told E! News’ Francesca Amiker, “and I just apologized to her, like ‘I’m so sorry I included you in this mess.’”

After all, the “Love Is Blind” contestant felt she had a good idea of what Fox probably thought about her claiming they were lookalikes, quipping, “She’s like, ‘Who is this chick who said my name? Like, get my name out of your mouth.’”

And while the 31-year-old didn’t reveal if Fox responded, she did give some back story on how the “Jennifer’s Body” actress got mentioned during her now-infamous date with Jimmy Presnell, who wound up proposing to Blackwell in episode four.