Why Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Skipped the 2024 Grammy Awards

Musician Machine Gun Kelly and fiancée Megan Fox did not make an appearance at the 2024 Grammy Awards. The rapper was not

nominated for an award this year; his last studio album, Mainstream Sellout, was released in 2022. He did receive a nomination for Best

Rock Album at the 2023 Grammy Awards, but he lost to Ozzy Osbourne’s Patient Number 9.

Though the album received quite a few accolades, MGK did express some frustration with how his music was being received, especially the accusations he had stepped away from rap. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in November 2022, he stated, “I’m talented as f—, and I added on to my catalog of four great rap albums. So, what I did was I added on—never departed, left or switched.”

He added that he was making a lot of content during the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020, and that he wanted to express himself through many genres.

“What do you think, I was at home, and I was like, ‘Well, man, I guess I got to depart from rap?’ What?! You don’t think that maybe I’m just inspired by all this. You don’t think that maybe I grew up listening to all this? What? Did we grow up in a jail where they’re like, ‘You get one album, one genre and that’s it. You got to do this?’” he said. “I just did a whole tour where I literally come out of a box. The metaphor of ‘Don’t put me in a box.’ If that’s not the most f—ing obvious sign of ‘Please stop putting me—saying that I departed or that I switch.’”

Additionally, MGK has worked on numerous other projects, especially films like Midnight in the Switchgrass, where he met Fox. Like her partner, Fox has also been spreading her artistic wings and trying new things. The actress released her first book of poetry last year, titled Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.